SatStream launches OTT service

Over the years, SatStream has earned a reputation for being a stable, cost effective solution for downlinking satellite channels and rebroadcasting them via ip-based networks.

It was a naturaly evolution for SatStream to offer a platform to make it easy for rights holders to monetise their assets.

Stopping short of providing a B2C service, SatStream OTT provides a “wholesaler” platform, so that SatStream clients may become turn-key Operators. The strap-line “just add marketing” indicated that SatStream OTT takes care of all of the technology whilst the Operator concentrates on the that which they know best – their customers.

The SatStream OTT is a modular solution comprising of (at a high level) Downlink and Encode service, Global Stream Distribution via CDN, Device Support and the Managment Platform.

At the heart of SatStream OTT lies the versatile OTT Platform. This is the Control Centre for any and every action:-

Easy Setup and low cost entry points

SatStream has taken a practical approach to helping Operators get up and running quickly with low cost setup fees and a pricing structure that grows with them. Typical practical steps needed to launch:

Step 1 :- Identify which channels they wish to launch with. If these are not currently available on the SatStream Hub, SatStream may be able to acquire them via our other downlink facilites globally. Once available, they appear on the Channel Matrix on the SatStream Platform.

Step 2:- Access and training are provided to the SatStream OTT Platform. These include all the tools needed to self-provision the setup and management of subscribers, content, devices, billing and reporting.

Step 3:-Easily add branding, logo’s and skins in line with branding guidelines and start marketing to customers. A typical customer base could be a community or diaspora. For example, a typical client may have a community of 25,000 Polish expats in the UK and the USA who miss their five favourite national TV channels. In this case, the platform language would be set to Polish as default.

To get started, a client should provide the following information to begin a commercial and technical discussion. Email to or via the Contact Us page.

For larger implementations, consultancy services are available.

OTT is a disruptive technology that levels the playing field for entertainment delivery – and SatStream can make it easy to become an OTT Operator!

For more information click for the SatStream OTT Entertainment Platform page.

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