What we do and how we do it

SatStream is a specialist multi-services streaming and IP production  company, with 10 years of expertise in live channel IP delivery, on-demand production, compliance logging and monitoring services. We are focused on helping our customers, including broadcasters, producers and rights holders to reach wider audiences and maximise their revenues. SatStream is based in London, UK at its specially designed broadcast facility, with broadcast standard partners around the globe .

Our European satellite feed footprint enables us to capture hundreds of live channels,  in real-time, for live events or continuous channel feeds. Once acquired, the content is processed according to client requirements, which may include transcoding, storage, editing, addition of graphics and delivery either to the viewing public through to a specific site using a network of Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), or point to point, for onward processing and delivery, such as for IPTV operators .

All live processing happens in real-time, offering an excellent viewer experience of be it from their connected TV, their home computer or their mobile device.


Thanks to Channel Stream, your channel doesn’t need to be restricted to traditional broadcast methods, giving broadcasters a much wider global reach over the flourishing IP–driven networks, such as OTT . This is ideal for large broadcasters wishing to optimise their reach, but is also an excellent distribution method for niche broadcasters, who have potentially a large following globally, but whose budgets may not extend to ‘full-blown’ satellite or terrestrial delivery methods to audiences in any given region. It is also great for allowing culture and language-specific programming reach expatriates across the globe.

SatStream offers stable, scalable solutions for 24/7 channel webcasting, for channels with footprints centred over Europe out of our London Centre or though our global network of capture, encode and stream partners.

As mentioned above, SatStream offers flexibility and scalability based on geographical reach and cost expectations and requirements, through its modular partnership arrangements with several leading CDNs.

Catchup in the Cloud (including VOD)

SatStream offers multi-purposed solutions aimed at optimising web-based revenues through its tailored on-line, cloud-based catchup and VOD production services, including automated recording, clipping and delivery of clips and programmes, back to the operator or broadcaster. The use of cloud technology means that clients’ resources are focused on content, not on technical infrastructures that are costly to acquire and to maintain.

Compliance in the Cloud

SatStream offers a complete solution for legally-required compliance recordings based globally, including distance browsing and archiving. We manage the acquisition of your channels, their recording and storage and offer you secure, online tools for immediate segment extraction should the need arise. We can even arrange for live compliance over the internet, where visibility of broadcast content, as it happens, is key.

IP Connect

A new service from SatStream, IP Connect leverages the explosion in internet bandwidth availability combined with streaming optimisation and correction techniques that allow for full broadcast-quality TV signals (SD, HD, 4K, 8K…) to be delivered point to point for literally a fraction of traditional costs. The service is already used by clients for DR purposes and for live contribution feeds from remote locations

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