Over The Top (OTT) Entertainment

Welcome to the OTT Revolution !!!

OTT is a method of delivering (video) entertainment on the internet “over the top” of the walled gardens of classic satellite, terrestrial and cable company networks. For much of the viewing public, internet bandwidth is sufficiently cheap, plentiful and stable, to open up the market to alternative delivery solutions.

OTT is a disruptive technology that levels the playing field for entertainment delivery – and you can be a part of it by becoming an OTT Operator! Ideally, an OTT Operator will have access to a community, say a diaspora community.

A Practical Guide to Getting Started with OTT

A Modular Approach – joining the dots

It’s useful to break down the required components of the system into modules whose functions are easier to understand individually – a series of “dots” to join in order to  illustrate the typical workflow.

 Module – Signal Acquisition

24/7 channels are typically downlinked from satellite or over terrestrial networks. If the channel feeds are not available via regional satellite footprints, they can be acquired through our other, partner downlink facilities or via fibre. SatStream is a “Hub” where all channels are centralised and are available on the Platform (see later).

Module – Transcoding

Once the SatStream Hub is populated with your channel, it is then encoded/transcoded in order to be compatible across all devices and platforms. Channels are then presented as sources on a “channel matrix” ready for distribution to all manner of devices and networks.

Module – Stream Distribution

We all find the phenomenon of video “Buffering” annoying. At SatStream we use an optimal combination of local and global Content Distribution Networks (CDN) to ensure that the entertainment experience is focused on content and not technology. Since our streams are firewall friendly, using the SatStream OTT Platform in applications that required access to schools, government departments and corporations is no problem.

Module – Platform Management

At the heart of SatStream OTT lies our versatile OTT Platform. This is the Control Centre for any and every action:-

Module – Device Support

There seem to be more and more devices coming out of the woodwork every month! We aim to support new devices and models in line with commercial demand.

Currently we support: iPhone, iPad, Android, Set-Top Boxes (a selection to suit application, country and price points), Smart TV, GoogleTV and Roku (soon).

Set-Top Boxes (STB) are typically ordered in minimum order quantities of 1,000 units (with an option to customise logos etc), although smaller quantities are available. We certify that the STBs will be compatible with the OTT Platform and refer you to our distributors for purchasing.

Module – Business Model Support

We support both the Subscription and Pay Per View (PPV) models. Typically subscription is used for live channels and PPV for Movie Rental and other “upselling” including sports events, concerts etc.

We implement advertising support via banners, pre-roll on EPG and in-line programming

With dynamic Ad Replacement (coming soon) – increase CPM’s by maximising adverts per demographic.

Module – Apps

The Platform is flexible, versatile and extensible. Apps such as YouTube, Vimeo and games are already available with others being added all the time.

How does it work?

We have a deep appreciation that there are many of those infernal dots to join to bring your entertainment site to market! By providing a modular architecture, we can take care of the technology, whilst you add your branding and take care of marketing.

Here are the practical steps needed to launch:

Step 1 :- Tell us what channels you would like in your offer. If we don’t already these channels them at the SatStream Hub, we will check on availability and timelines before adding them to your Channel Matrix on the SatStream Platform.

Step 2:- We give you access to the SatStream OTT Platform as well as training so that you have all the tools you need to self-provision the setup and management of subscribers, content, devices, billing and reporting.

Step 3:-Add your branding, logos and skins in order market to your service to your customers. A typical customer base could be a community or diaspora. For example, you could target a community of 25,000 Polish expats in the UK and the USA who miss their five favourite national TV channels. In this case, the platform language would be set to Polish as default.


OTT is a game changer and you can

be part of the revolution. Join us!


Key Features – A Technical Summary



How does your cost structure work?

To keep costs low, we only charge for which modules you need. We charge for the following items:-

Setup fee



Monthly fees


For actual pricing, the following details need to be supplied:-

For larger implementations, consultancy services are available.

What about Rights?

We respect content rights. You must obtain the content rights within the regions that you plan to operate in, from the rights holders or their agents. SatStream will forward any cease and desist notices to you, but will comply with the law if asked to stop rebroadcasting a particular channel.


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