SatStream has launched two new products

SatStream has launched two new products, EventStream and ChannelStream, to the broadcast market, the company announced Sept. 10.

EventStream is designed for streaming live events, typically acquired from satellite feeds, via the Internet using multiple content delivery networks. The modular unit incorporates production features such as adding pre-recorded material to form a playlist and adding multiple language commentary to a sporting event for a wider global appeal.

ChannelStream is designed for broadcasting full-time linear TV or radio channels. The unit takes a satellite, IP or terrestrial feed from the broadcaster and transcodes it into a Web format, such as Flash, Windows Media, or Silverlight. ChannelStream also supports delivery to mobile devices, such as Windows, Android and Symbian-based mobile phones and the iPhone and iPad.

“There are thousands of European broadcasters and tens of thousands worldwide. Many of these are niche broadcasters, which have a restricted audience via traditional TV methods. By adding a quality Internet broadcast stream, these channels can reach a much wider global audience. The Internet is particularly well suited to allowing cultural and language-specific programming delivery to expatriates across the globe,” SatStream Operations Director Alan Mercer said in a statement.


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