SatStream is Europe’s largest bespoke broadcast-standards facility specifically designed for content acquisition from Satellite and broadcast by Streaming via the internet.

The SatStream Live Encoding Facility, based just south of the Thames in Central London, was custom-designed and built in 2007 by a team of broadcast specialists, both from operational and engineering points of view.

The facility offers a complete solution for the production and distribution across the web of both live events and broadcast channels. Capture, routing and delivery production infrastructures are entirely digital, guaranteeing exceptional quality at high bit-rates and improved quality at high-compression, low bit-rates.

Satellite reception includes steerable 2.4m Ku and C-Band antennae in addition to fixed 1–1.8m dishes. High-stability LNBs are fitted for critical services and full decryption facilities are available.

From 24/7 news to one-off corporate, sports or music events, global reach can be assured through key relationships with multiple Content Delivery Network (CDN’s) partners via solid, redundant connectivity. Live commentary is also available on site, adding significant value to live events. Production, studio, translation, transcribing and subtitling, post production and standard encoding facilities are also available.


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